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We are generalist marketers, so we manage projects and are responsible for the overall professional work.

Everyone from the web to copywriters to photographers can be found on the team, and their awards vary widely so we can choose the right professional for our clients.

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When it comes to the communication and marketing of online stores, we need a different strategy than the one other businesses normally follow. Every year we gain more and more experience in this field and by now we demonstrate good results.

Our click-based ads tend to rise above the international average (4:1 ROAS) and on occasion, even we are surprised by the success some of our campaigns bring (18:1 ROAS).

Client references:
- Barefoot Hungary
- Pátria Printing House
- Ligeti Bolt

Service providers

Half of our clients are service providers of various industries, businesses and sizes. Typically, we support B2C companies, but we also have an average of two B2B campaigns a year.

We often design and develop sales funnels and in addition to that, digitization and automation are some of our strengths, too.

Client references:
- Mesharray
- Cervantes Institute
- SalesAutopilot


This is our newest field of expertise thanks mainly to Kata who is a certified mentor of the INPUT programme. We’ve got experience in almost all the aspects of this type of business including validation, creating business models, preparation for investments and implementation.

The communication, goals and marketing of a start-up with investors very much differ from those of a traditional business and we take this fact into consideration when we work out their marketing strategy.

Client references:
- Ok-key App
- Renti

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What are we exactly doing?

Facebook & Google ads

We lay out and write the texts; we produce the creatives; we set up the ad, then test it; finally, we make a monthly report. Our ROAS average is between 6 and 14.

Email automation

We currently use several systems, but if necessary, we can learn news ones as well. We design the mailing systems; we write and time the letters and then measure the results

Social media

Facebook is not our only strong suit − we specialize in Instagram, too. Írisz co-authored the first Hungarian book on the subject that covers a real case study.

Content marketing

We assist in the planning, then the implementation is usually done with the involvement of our partners. We help with − among other things − creating blog entries, texts for websites, landing pages and video marketing or optimizing your search engine (SEO).

Full service

This is our strongest type of service. Our project management is excellent, so all our clients need to do is tell us what goal they wish to reach, and we organize or solve everything necessary to make that happen.

We do it with a smile on our face.

Meet the people behind our success


Professional leader

I help sole proprietors and small businesses in the form of consultations to adjust to the chaos of millions of marketing curricula, marketing channels and marketing tasks.

My principle is very simple: spend as much as you have to and as much as is realistic.

At the agency, we feel every project is our own, so we do our job accordingly.


Operativ leader

My biggest task on the team is to support business decisions and plan and optimize processes.

As a start-up mentor in the colors of CLOUD - and beyond in the INPUT program - I help innovative start-ups to grow and together with Írisz I help to prepare promising ideas for the next step, for the next investing. I consider business consulting and validation to be a priority area.


Team leader

I am Team Leader and Professional Project Manager. My job is to coordinate and assist team members in their day-to-day, customer and marketing tasks. I perform a number of management tasks as well, for example, if you ask for an offer, I’ll put it together for you. I love the diversity of my work, I never have two identical days. I enjoy working in a team, being the main contact and liaison in our agency. The professional part of my work is the preparation of project management tasks and marketing strategies, in which my creative side can also develop.

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